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Joe Van Wetering is a Chicago based illustrator who uses bold colours and geometric shapes to create abstract pieces with color-aid paper and an exacto.

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Devorah Sperber

After The Mona Lisa 8  is constructed from 1482 larger spools of thread so the image resolution is very low. Yet when seen through a viewing sphere, the thread spools condense into a recognizable image, conveying how little information the brain needs to make sense of visual imagery it has already been exposed to.

At first glance, the thread spool installation appears to be a random arrangement of spools of thread. A clear acrylic sphere placed in front of the work, shrinks and condenses the thread spool “pixels” into a recognizable image while also rotating the imagery 180 degrees like the human eye. This shift in perception functions as a dramatic mechanism to present the idea that there is no one truth or reality, emphasizing subjective reality vs. an absolute truth.

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Stefan Zsaitsits
Dandelion oil on canvas 110 cm x 80 cm 2008 


Stefan Zsaitsits

oil on canvas
110 cm x 80 cm 

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